So our first milestone of 100 events around Wales, listed on our website has been reached. It has taken time but with a lot of hard work and a lot of help from our sponsors and ever building network of connections, through all the social media platforms that we share on we have hit it. All Sponsorship money and any revenue that is made from the website goes straight back into the website, promotion and advertising via social media and other marketing areas. As a celebration of the 100 events around Wales we are going to introduce not only our Website sponsorship but also the chance for Welsh businesses to be able to advertise on the website in an area which is currently occupied by Google Ads which will appear on the event pages on a rotation basis. We are going to place limits on the amount of businesses that will be able to advertise (9) so that they get a fair amount of views. We are also limiting our Website sponsors to a maximum of 5 so we have our first Harris Associates (SW) Ltd who have been with us from launch. The website sponsors are not limited to just Wales as we know so many businesses help communities in Wales and may want to help with sponsorship of the website.

Bonus for the last event to hit the 100 Events around walesevents around wales

As a bonus for Correana White’s workshop being the event to complete the 100 events around Wales they will take up a bonus spot of the advertising for a period of a month. We will then award that space to different companies, groups or charities that have listed events with us in the past or future events with us or even someone or company that helps us share and shout about via social media could be awarded the bonus advertising spot. The other 9 advertising spots will be available for welsh businesses to purchase at a cost of £45 per year. If you have your on art work that can be used that would be great and it can be linked to either your homepage of your website or an internal page or even a Facebook or twitter page or group which ever you would like. If you do not have your own artwork we will happily help out to put something together with you.

Website sponsorship is still available with 4 slots which gives you a rotating banner on the top of the website, an area with business description and logo on the sponsors’ page and a smaller banner in the advertising area and the ability to post events for a total yearly cost of £75.

So the maximum total of banners that will rotate on the top of the website will be 5, which will be only for website sponsors and 15 different advertisers will rotate on the individual events pages which will include up to the maximum of 5 website sponsors, 9 advertisers and 1 bonus advert chosen by EventsnWales at random.

Thanks to all for the ongoing support and to all those that have listed on the website since the launch.


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