Monmouth Festival Opening Weekend

Monmouth Festival Opening Weekend

Friday the wild wet welsh weather did its best to disrupt things on Opening Night but that didn’t stop the audience coming out and having a fantastic time.  Monmouth Festival Opening Weekend

The rain didn’t faze Pollen Count who got the Festival off to a stupendous start. Then it was time for the fantastic Uncle Funk & The Boogie Wonderband to strut their stuff, and did they ever!  It was Party time with a capital P. It was also the first glass free festival night which you supported wholeheartedly. Thank you.festival

We were thrilled to wake up on Saturday and find the sun shining for the Busking Festival.  Only the second year that we’ve held it but it’s already getting a name for itself – all the Open Mic spots were booked within 10 minutes and we even had buskers from Swansea and Weston super Mare.  At one point there were 15 buskers on Monnow Street!  So lovely to hear and see such a wealth of talent although it made it very difficult choosing only 7 buskers to play the main stage on Sunday.           A Fool & His Money turned up very early – we think they miscalculated how much time it would take for them to get here (all of a 10 minute walk) – chilled with the crew back stage and watched the audience grow and grow.  To quote them it “was pretty monmouth festivalinsane to play to so many people” but you would never have known it as they gave an assuredly impressive performance.

And then Monmouth was well and truly fooified! The Uk Foo Fighters have a very loyal following and we found out why.   They were just amazing, played for almost two whole hours and to cap it all are really great guys too.

Spirit’s not dampened at the Monmouth Festival

Sunday the rain was back but that didn’t dampen the town’s Carnival spirits. With plenty of things to do in town before the procession began – a tour of The Shire Hall, entry to the tower on Monnow Bridge, and a drumming workshop – people were out bright and early, and stayed to show their support for the brilliant floats, colourful walkers and vehicles in the Carnival Procession.  Samba Galez brought a glimpse of calypso sun with their rumba francessa rhythms and dancing and got everyone’s feet a-tapping.

The Buskers then proceeded to wow the crowds who couldn’t believe the age and ability of some of the performers.  Remember people where you saw them first as some of them could go on to great things!The Wurzels - Monmouth Festival

And how do you round off such a fantastic weekend?  With another sensational night of music of course.  Bare Knuckle Parade exploded on to the stage and the audience loved their energetic music and performance.  Then a band that needs no introduction – The Wurzels – closed a magnificent weekend, with the audience “ooh arring” to their hearts content.

It’s got to be one of the best opening weekends for a long time.

Don’t forget to pop along and join us, with 3 days left of the festival still lots to see and hear. For more information on whats on check the Monmouth Festival Website.


Cerys, Monmouth Festival

Events n Wales 3 months on

Events n Wales 3 months on

So Events n Wales has now been live for over 3 months and it is great to look back to see the range of events from around Wales that have already been listed on the website. We really do want the website to be a success and help businesses, charities, individuals and organisations to reach more people through Wales or to make more people aware of events being held. To do this we combine the fact of allowing members to list events which then become part of the website and are crawled by search engines all over the world. We make sure that we try to help the listings by making slight changes to the content or description to help with them get found on these search engines. As a result we wanted to just share a few of the different search terms that our website has shown up for and the website has made an impression on search engine results. (Results have been taken from Google Analytics)

Events n Wales 3 months onSince 1st March (Launch of Events n Wales) until the 18th July 2015 we have made impressions on over 178 different queries which average over that period in the Top 10 for that search (325 different search queries in total). We won’t bore you with the list of the 178 but are going to list a number of them to give you an idea of the broad range of ways that people can find your listing even when not looking for it as all of the search queries present a way to the website and all the listings on it. So here goes :

  • eventsnwales
  • “brian mayo” or “@brianmayo” or “brianmayo” -“mayo-smith”
  • trekfest
  • tiffany stevenson
  • focus wales 2015, focus personal training, 22 april
  • nwales
  • moving on together
  • creative 7s
  • gauntlet games cardiff
  • go dad run 2015
  • llanidloes 7s
  • father’s day bike ride
  • fathers day charity
  • newport slides
  • peterstone lakes golf
  • royal variety
  • eezee riders
  • illyria: `the taming of the shrew`, north wales tourism ltd, 11 july
  • fonmon castle dog show
  • weir laundry
  • dalmatian ride 2015
  • walkathon anglesey 2015
  • monmouth aquathlon 2015
  • gyg karting ltd cerrigydrduion
  • welsh disabled golf
  • onesie walk cardiff
  • abergavenny triathlon 2015
  • north wales stages
  • ty hafan onesie
  • wales onsie walk
  • neath comedy festival
  • castell beat 2015
  • kidwelly carnival 2015
  • creative rugby 7s
  • dirty dozen races
  • ty hafan welsh 3 peaks
  • the laugharne weekend
  • bobath dragon boat race 2015
  • castlefest uk 2015

And a lot more, but as you can see from some listed above by listing your event on our website you can be found when people are not searching for your actual event and this was one of our aims for setting up the website to help people reach further than they normally can. Without the help of all of those that list the events from around Wales we would have nothing to share or shout about so we thank you all for signing up for a membership and listing your own events.

Where do Events n Wales Visitors come from?

We have 89.92% of visitors from the UK

United Kingdom


United States


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Which is then split by Country within the UK (some closer to the border with England may show as England depending on IP address)

Events n Wales 3 months on

We have had nearly 5,000 page views since the website was launched which is a great start, which is growing month on month. With a comparison 72.4% of new visitors to 27.6% of returning visitors from over 2,400 visitors to Events n Wales.

Our Social media accounts are also growing with over 1.7k followers on Twitter, slower over on Facebook at 346, On Pinterest we have over 300 following our boards which every event gets pinned to at least one. With only very recently set up our Google+ page we would love more followers on that Platform.

Why do we ask you to list events instead of searching for events to list ourselves?

The reason that we have the membership system and events are listed the way they are is because we want to help those that want to promote events around wales that don’t always get the opportunity to be listed on the larger websites or that have to pay to advertise the event. We want to help take some of the stress away from helping to get your events out to the public, businesses and organisations that may be interested in it. But by building the community that we are events are being shared by others that also list or connected via social media, so the reach becomes wider and the events that are listed have a more detailed description than if we just found events and listed them ourselves.

Advertising available on Events n Wales

As part of the website and to be able to keep the website free to list events we do have an Advertising membership which is open to any businesses, organisations based in Wales that may like the opportunity to advertise on the events and blog posts pages which is done on a rotation basis. You can read more about this on our membership page.

We also have Website Sponsorship available and to be honest without the support of our first website sponsors Harris Associates SW Ltd we would not have lasted this long, the hours that are put in to the website and social media and costs of running and promoting the website really do need the backing of more but we hope that this will come in time. With more sponsorship and advertising taken up the more we will be able to help promote the website through even more paid promotion and advertising and extend the reach of the events listed as well as the number of visitors to the website and promote our Website sponsors at the same time.

If you have any questions the best way to contact us is via email which you can find on the website or via our contact us page.

100 Events around Wales

100 Events around Wales

So our first milestone of 100 events around Wales, listed on our website has been reached. It has taken time but with a lot of hard work and a lot of help from our sponsors and ever building network of connections, through all the social media platforms that we share on we have hit it. All Sponsorship money and any revenue that is made from the website goes straight back into the website, promotion and advertising via social media and other marketing areas. As a celebration of the 100 events around Wales we are going to introduce not only our Website sponsorship but also the chance for Welsh businesses to be able to advertise on the website in an area which is currently occupied by Google Ads which will appear on the event pages on a rotation basis. We are going to place limits on the amount of businesses that will be able to advertise (9) so that they get a fair amount of views. We are also limiting our Website sponsors to a maximum of 5 so we have our first Harris Associates (SW) Ltd who have been with us from launch. The website sponsors are not limited to just Wales as we know so many businesses help communities in Wales and may want to help with sponsorship of the website.

Bonus for the last event to hit the 100 Events around walesevents around wales

As a bonus for Correana White’s workshop being the event to complete the 100 events around Wales they will take up a bonus spot of the advertising for a period of a month. We will then award that space to different companies, groups or charities that have listed events with us in the past or future events with us or even someone or company that helps us share and shout about via social media could be awarded the bonus advertising spot. The other 9 advertising spots will be available for welsh businesses to purchase at a cost of £45 per year. If you have your on art work that can be used that would be great and it can be linked to either your homepage of your website or an internal page or even a Facebook or twitter page or group which ever you would like. If you do not have your own artwork we will happily help out to put something together with you.

Website sponsorship is still available with 4 slots which gives you a rotating banner on the top of the website, an area with business description and logo on the sponsors’ page and a smaller banner in the advertising area and the ability to post events for a total yearly cost of £75.

So the maximum total of banners that will rotate on the top of the website will be 5, which will be only for website sponsors and 15 different advertisers will rotate on the individual events pages which will include up to the maximum of 5 website sponsors, 9 advertisers and 1 bonus advert chosen by EventsnWales at random.

Thanks to all for the ongoing support and to all those that have listed on the website since the launch.


Apology from EventsnWales

Apology from EventsnWales

EventsnWalesWe would like to issue an apology to anyone that visited our website today to see events and postings that are not and will not be allowed on the website. For this reason we have now changed our membership settings so that your events will no longer go live straight away, but will be held in a queue for moderation and to be checked prior to being published. We did not want this to happen and for nearly 3 months all events that have been posted have been great events with all the correct images and links to them. We always check all events within the first 24 – 48 hours of being posted anyway to work and help with the SEO of them. But today we had a flood of around 11 events posted by a member that had signed up within an hour to the last event being posted and also a comment being posted but held for moderation on another event. So the website had been hacked by that person. So we have taken these steps not to slow down the process of posting your event but to safe guard us, our members and visitors to our website for the future.

So please accept our sincere apologies if you happened to visit our website and see any of the events that had been listed. We hope that the measures taken will stop any future events of this nature being posted and all details have been passed on to the relevant bodies and authorities.


Many Thanks


Apology from EventsnWales

Laugharne Weekend already?

Laugharne Weekend already?

Wow Laugharne Weekend really laugharne weekendcrept up on us this year and no doubt if you haven’t already got your tickets it has for you too. Last shout only a hand full of tickets were still available so they may have now gone too. So it looks like the Laugharne Weekend 2015 will be as busy if not bigger than the past Laugharne weekend only time will tell.

Who is at Laugharne Weekend 2015?

So if you haven’t already seen the massive line up that are at the Laugharne weekend have you been under a rock? its been doing the rounds on social media let alone on our own Laugharne Weekend 2015 event page. For a full line up check the laugharne weekend website also you can see the local bus timetables, a map of the area with venues and links to check if tickets are still available. I am sure that even without tickets Laugharne will be the place to be this weekend for Laugharne weekend 2015.

We hope that the weather holds out for those attending and of course the organisers and hope that it is a wonderful weekend and shows the true community that is Laugharne.


Greenmeadow Golf Club – 1st Race To Wales Event

Greenmeadow Golf Club – 1st Race To Wales Event

Greenmeadow Golf Club will this week place host to the 1st of the 2015 Race to Wales Series. This is a series of Golf tournaments set up by the Welsh Disabled Golf Association. As you may have already read in the event listing of the Race to Wales – Golf Event this year 9 events have been confirmed so far (4 of which are already listed on our website with the rest to be listed shortly). To read more about the Race To Wales series and check results and standings from 2014 check the Welsh Disabled Golf Website.


Greenmeadow Golf Club – 1st Race To Wales Eventgreenmeadow golf club

Ok so the first event is up this week and to be held in Torfaen at Greenmeadow Golf Club. You can register for the event on the welsh disabled golf website through the link on the event page of our website. It is due to take place on the Wednesday 8th April 2015 if your free why not pop along and help support the association and the competing golfers and see them in action.

The Race To Wales series will take place over a range of courses from events taking place at Greenmeadow Golf Club in Torfaen to Coed y Mwstwr Golf Club in Bridgend. To check the full listing as mentioned above we only have the next 4 listed on our website at the moment check the Welsh Disabled association’s website.

The Welsh Disabled Golf Association is always looking for both New members and Sponsorship, if you are able to help out or know someone that would like to become a member please contact them either via the website or follow and keep up to date on Social media, Twitter @WelshDisabledGA or Facebook page Welsh Disabled Golf Association.

Cwtch Club Cardiff

Cwtch Club Cardiff

Cwtch club have 2 events listed for the 2nd week of school half term. With ‘Make your own Easter pom pom creature‘ on the Thursday the 9th April and ‘Make your own hand or finger puppet‘ on Friday the 10th April both workshops will take place at Stretchy Suzie’s please see either event listing for directions and the full address.

cwtch club

About Cwtch Club

Cwtch Club is a company set up to make children’s, toddler’s & baby creature costumes and keepsakes from their drawings. They are based in Cardiff and run by Deborah de Lloyd a Costume designer and maker with over 15 years’ experience in TV and Theatre.

The 2 workshops are for two different age ranges of children with the Easter pom pom workshop for aged 4-7 and the hand & finger puppet workshop for ages 8-10.  You can book either workshop through the Cwtch club website and find out more details about the company and the products they produce. Find them on the links below

Cwtch Club Website

Etsy shop

Dawanda shop



The NOT so Royal variety show

The NOT so Royal variety show

The Paget Rooms in Penarth will be the host venue for this night of entertainment, may be Not the Royal variety show that you may watch yearly on the TV. This will be a great display of entertainment with some outstanding performers and great acts that have been lined up in The Not so Royal variety show.

The line-up is due to start at 7:30pm but with the Doors opening at 6:30pm you will have plenty of time to get settled in to enjoy the entertainment. With acts including:-Royal variety show

  • Lady Gaga Tribute and Impersonator Donna Marie
  • Frankie Roma – (Swing)
  • The Cheek to Cheek Experience – Lady Gaga & tony Bennett Tribute
  • Aubrey Parsons – (Musicals & classics)
  • Leighton Jones – (Soul)
  • Pixie Perez – (Drag queen)
  • Rickie Arthur & Buble Fever – (Michael Buble Tribute)
  • Hrh Billie Raymond – (HRH The Queen impersonator)
  • Rachael Jones – (Shirley Bassey Tribute)
  • NuWorx – (Dance group)
  • Dave Bowen – (Soul & motown, ex Madassa front man)
  • Mundo Dance – (Dance group)
  • Rod Stevens – (Hypnotist)
  • Rebekah West (Welsh Angel – Youtube star)
  • Emily Langford (Musicals)

The Compere for the evening will be by none other than Helen Enser Morgan – (Swansea bay radio)

What is the Not so Royal variety show for?

Is it just a Variety show? No this is a night to help raise funds and awareness of 2 great charities that are being supported. The first charity is the Alzheimer’s Society which you can find out more about dementia and the Alzheimer’s Society by visiting the website. The second charity is MIND which is a charity that helps by providing advice and support to those that suffer from mental health issues and also those around them. Also campaigning to raise the awareness of mental health issues. Check the MIND website for more information.

We hope the event raises lots of funds for the great charities being supported and everyone that attends has an entertaining evening at the Paget Rooms, Penarth.



Llandudno Trinity Centre – Battle of the Singers

Llandudno Trinity Centre – Battle of the Singers

Llandudno Trinity CentreLlandudno Trinity Centre will play host to local singers from the surrounding areas to do battle to find out who wins Battle of the Singers. The event will be the last put on by Evoid events before they change the name over to West shore events (already changed over on the facebook page). Go along and support this local event and help by picking the winner with as the audience will be given voting control.

Make sure your early to get the best position at the llandudno trinity centre as the event kicks off at 7pm.

The Line up includes

  • Callum Brogan
  • Naomi O’Neill
  • Dylan Hughes
  • Keira Bickerstaff
  • Nat Wills
  • Luke James
  • Sophie Roberts
  • Rebecca Daggett

battle of the singersEvents like this can really bring the local community together and what better way than to do it with a group of young signers and an enthusiastic events company making use of the llandudno trinity centre to host the event.

Who will win the 1st Prize you can decide but you need to attend to do so. Tickets on the Door!


WOW is Paul’s Walk on Wales in Doubt?

WOW is Paul’s Walk on Wales in Doubt?

Walk on Wales is the type of event you can do all the planning in the world for to try and get everything right, but when it comes down to it things can be taken out of the hands of the planners by good old Welsh weather! The forecast for the days of the event are not great as you can see if you visit Paul’s Walk on Wales website see the link on the event page. But does this deter him, not a chance. When you think that when most people take on the type of climbs and event that Paul is with walk on wales it is usually around the Longest day of the year 21st June when the weather is a lot more dependable.

So we hear you say why is Paul tackling the climbs at this time of year? Is he Mad, Crazy? The answer to your questions would be yes but not in the way that you think we mean. Mad, Crazy to be taking on the walk on wales at this time of year because Paul is Mad and Crazy about cricket. As both a successful Captain, Player and Coach within Cricket that time of year is smack in the middle of the cricket season so Paul would not even entertain taking this on at that time of year, so it just makes it even harder than it is already.

walk on wales

Walk on Wales – the Charities Paul is supporting

This then brings us on to the two charities that Paul is raising vital funds for whilst carrying out this great walk on wales challenge. The first is something that is extremely close to Paul as the charity is on a “mission to spread the power of cricket throughout schools and communities in England & Wales” so with Paul being so involved in the sport for so many years it is no doubt the reasons this charity has been chosen. You can read and find out more about the charity from the Chance to Shine Website or what Paul has to say about the charity on his Chance to Shine page on the walk on wales website.

The second charity that Paul has chosen is the Llanberis Mountain Rescue due to the amazing work that they do and especially in the area’s that walk on wales covers. They are a voluntary organisation that are on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year and rely on donations from members of the public to carry on the fantastic work which they do you can check the Llanberis Mountain Rescue Website and also read what Paul has to say about them on the Llanberis Mountain Rescue Page on the walk on wales website.

To keep up with the latest on the event Follow Paul on Twitter and keep an eye on the walk on wales website. If you would like to donate to either of the charities and help Paul raise as much as possible for them, the links for the just giving pages for each charity are on the walk on wales website under the Charity pages.

We wish Paul all the Luck and hope the weather is on his side.