6 June, 2015 all-day
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Dalmatian BikeRide 2015 – St. David’s HospiceDalmatian BikeRide 2015

In 2011 after being looked after at home by the wonderful nurses of St Davids and then the exceptional nurses at the in house hospice of St Annes, sadly, John Dixon passed way, following a difficult battle with cancer. We asked the Hospice how much we owed them for the 5 days he spent in the hospice and we were amazed to find there was no charge!!! After the funeral we asked how much it costs to look after a patient for a day and we were told approximately £500. As John had spent 5 days there we decided we would like to raise £2500 and that is where the journey began. Ian ratty Humphries made the comment over a few beers “Don’t laugh, Reesy will have us all doing something next year to raise money for the hospice” and thats exactly what we did.

We planned a route, around ten South Wales Hospitals, via the Cancer treatment Hospitals that had supported John through his illness. The route was 40 miles long and 30 people, mostly familly and friends, set out on a Sunday morning from St Anne’s Hospice. Everyone that started finished, which was an amazing feat, in total 1200 miles were covered, incurring only 1 puncture and 1 broken chain. The result was we raised just over £10,000!!!
30 People
10k Raised

The challenge was on, could we top year 1? We wanted to aim for 100 riders and Ratty suggested 101 so we could dress as Dalmatians. The Dalmatian bike ride was born! Year 2 saw us head down the Taff Trail with a target of £20,000. It was a very rainy and windy day but we did it and had 125 riders. We missed our target but still raised £18,000!
125 People
18k Raised
2014 was absolutely amazing, after we achieved the unbelievable feat of 249 riders. The route ran along the Mon & Brecon Canal from Brecon to Caerleon, a full 46 miles! It was a lot of work to set up but we have decided that this route will be the one we use every year going forward as there is only 1 mile on the road and the other 45 miles are all on a very safe cycle path. This years target was £25,000 but we absolutely smashed it raising a fantastic £43,000!!!! This takes the total to over £70,000 in just 3 years. With every penny we raise going directly to the Hospice (nothing is kept back) our event has made a big contribution. 2015 is already being planned for June 6th and the finish will be at the Priory Hotel in Caerleon as it was last year, with another fantastic BBQ. Information will be updated on the site as we finalise more details.
249 People
43k RaisedDalmatian BikeRide 2015

Dalmatian BikeRide 2015

Now in 2015 we are hoping to raise £50,000 Can you help?

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