WOW is Paul’s Walk on Wales in Doubt?

WOW is Paul’s Walk on Wales in Doubt?

Walk on Wales is the type of event you can do all the planning in the world for to try and get everything right, but when it comes down to it things can be taken out of the hands of the planners by good old Welsh weather! The forecast for the days of the event are not great as you can see if you visit Paul’s Walk on Wales website see the link on the event page. But does this deter him, not a chance. When you think that when most people take on the type of climbs and event that Paul is with walk on wales it is usually around the Longest day of the year 21st June when the weather is a lot more dependable.

So we hear you say why is Paul tackling the climbs at this time of year? Is he Mad, Crazy? The answer to your questions would be yes but not in the way that you think we mean. Mad, Crazy to be taking on the walk on wales at this time of year because Paul is Mad and Crazy about cricket. As both a successful Captain, Player and Coach within Cricket that time of year is smack in the middle of the cricket season so Paul would not even entertain taking this on at that time of year, so it just makes it even harder than it is already.

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Walk on Wales – the Charities Paul is supporting

This then brings us on to the two charities that Paul is raising vital funds for whilst carrying out this great walk on wales challenge. The first is something that is extremely close to Paul as the charity is on a “mission to spread the power of cricket throughout schools and communities in England & Wales” so with Paul being so involved in the sport for so many years it is no doubt the reasons this charity has been chosen. You can read and find out more about the charity from the Chance to Shine Website or what Paul has to say about the charity on his Chance to Shine page on the walk on wales website.

The second charity that Paul has chosen is the Llanberis Mountain Rescue due to the amazing work that they do and especially in the area’s that walk on wales covers. They are a voluntary organisation that are on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year and rely on donations from members of the public to carry on the fantastic work which they do you can check the Llanberis Mountain Rescue Website and also read what Paul has to say about them on the Llanberis Mountain Rescue Page on the walk on wales website.

To keep up with the latest on the event Follow Paul on Twitter and keep an eye on the walk on wales website. If you would like to donate to either of the charities and help Paul raise as much as possible for them, the links for the just giving pages for each charity are on the walk on wales website under the Charity pages.

We wish Paul all the Luck and hope the weather is on his side.


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