EventsnWalesWe would like to issue an apology to anyone that visited our website today to see events and postings that are not and will not be allowed on the website. For this reason we have now changed our membership settings so that your events will no longer go live straight away, but will be held in a queue for moderation and to be checked prior to being published. We did not want this to happen and for nearly 3 months all events that have been posted have been great events with all the correct images and links to them. We always check all events within the first 24 – 48 hours of being posted anyway to work and help with the SEO of them. But today we had a flood of around 11 events posted by a member that had signed up within an hour to the last event being posted and also a comment being posted but held for moderation on another event. So the website had been hacked by that person. So we have taken these steps not to slow down the process of posting your event but to safe guard us, our members and visitors to our website for the future.

So please accept our sincere apologies if you happened to visit our website and see any of the events that had been listed. We hope that the measures taken will stop any future events of this nature being posted and all details have been passed on to the relevant bodies and authorities.


Many Thanks


Apology from EventsnWales

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