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The day has arrived, finally it is St. David’s Day and the Events N Wales launch is here. We have been awaiting this day with anticipation and are so glad to finally have the Events N Wales launch and the website live. We would like to thank all those individuals and organisations that have taken up our launch offer to have events listed ready for the Events N Wales launch. Over time our blogs will feature these events as well as events that are added by Silver & Gold members looking into the events in a little more detail and more about the background of them. To give our visitors more of an insight into things like how the events came about, who thought up the ideas or other facts depending on what type of event it is.

Events N Wales Launchevents n wales launch

First we wanted to give you a little insight into Events N Wales. This idea of the website came about after realising that there are many websites around that promote business events, fundraising events, music, arts and all the other categories. What we couldn’t find was a website that both individuals, clubs, schools, businesses or organisations could list events on one website that covered the full range of categories and all areas of wales. Most websites that we came across which had an event listing was either for a set area, or had an events side to a website but not dedicated just too all types of events only in Wales.

We hope that over time the website will become a hub for the general public to check events and also all types of events to be posted. This will take time and we are working on various avenues to create the visitors that we would like to be able to promote all the events that are listed. But all websites start somewhere and we are hoping that the support of the Welsh public along with Businesses, Clubs, Organisations and Individuals that we will grow from strength to strength and now that Events N Wales launch has taken place it will become the place to check and list #EventsNWales.

So we would just like to finish off the launch post by wishing everyone a Happy St. David’s day and hope you enjoy any events that you are attending on this fabulous Day.

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